Tarsa Analytics


For Building Industry

All Industries are getting smarter everyday

Is your business and the process driving them smart?

Tarsa analytics is an advisory service that uses deep-domain  expertise  to analyze facility data and suggest improvements to improve processes and increase efficiency.

Building Industries most reliable analytical service

With our expertise, ergonomic methodology and objective applications plug directly into your existing building systems and analyze thousands of data points to identify the most impactful performance issues, areas of improvements and diagnostics.

  • studyfacility
    Study facility operations and existing data collection systems
  • datacaptureandvisuals
    Setup a customized system for data capture and visualisation
  • environmentfootprint
    Advise on opportunities to reduce environmental impact
  • roadmap
    Develop implementation roadmap
  • domainspecificmetrics
    Setup domain specific metrics track impact of the implementation
  • certifications
    Reports for Corporate Quality Certification programmes