Tarsa Billing

Cloud Based Utility Billing Solution

The Cloud based utility billing application empowers municipalities and Building facilities  with the  users access to data from any connected power and energy meters allowing them to automate the reading of meters and the creation of tenant invoices.

Step 2

Configure Meters

Step 1

Onboard Tenant


Experience the Unmanaged Billing Application

Designed to manage complex billing processes, rate changes, error management, Tarsa billing Application integrates easily with existing utility equipments to give you unmanned unstrung experience of collecting the billing data to be able to process and pass it to your tenants.

Step 1

Onboard Tenant

Step 2

Configure Meters

Step 3

Create Plans

Step 4

Assign Plans

Step 5

Remote Monitor

Step 6

Generate Invoice

Weekly Plan Creator

Create any number of customized and day-wise differential rates on a weekly planner for any type of utility meter. 

Monitor Real Time Data

Our cloud-based utility billing application allows you to monitor real-time data generated by your meters.

Exportable Bill Generation

Our flexible and customizable billing invoice generator allows you to generate bills for tenants at custom intervals.


Custom View of Utility Streams and More

Tarsa Billing application is an easy-to-use and affordable utility billing application for any scale companies and buildings with a wide range of rich features that enable you to bill your tenants worry-free. 

Multi Projects support

Unlimited Utility Configurations

Installation for Existing Meters

Remote Meter Status Monitor

Faulty Meter Notification

Expenditure Graphs

Billing Data Generation

Tenant Invoice Generation

Basic Analytics Reports