Tarsa Projects

Visual Project Management Application

A visual intelligence led platform to make Construction/Building project  management easy and efficient.

Tarsa project app lets you organize & track work progress  in real time. Visual tools make it easy to get a high-level view of your project at any time.

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Setup Projects

Step 1

Onboard Client


Efficient Project Management and Work Flow

The software allows you to keep tabs on everything vital to your project. Our mobile and web-based PWA application keeps your team in the field connected on all core use cases. makes it easy for engineers, supervisors, and foremen to stay on top of things and optimize their work.

Step 2

Setup Projects

Step 1

Onboard Client

Step 3

Assign Supervisors

Step 4

Input Data

Step 5

Monitor Activities

Step 6

Generate Reports

Easy Data Entry

UI-centric functionality with a user access control interface allows data entry into an easy-to-use and intuitive system.

Omni View Tracker

A single view provides deep insight into the entire project with Gantt chart support.

Flexible Reports and Exports

View detailed management reports in a single view, with export options for further detailed analysis and reporting.


Optimise Your Team, Task and Projects

See where tasks are getting stuck in your workflow, so you can add resources, refine your process, or change requirements.

Visually appealing trackers/Graphs which can be readily exported to your presentation will always give you an edge.

Multi Projects support

Customise Project Stages

Location / Building Floor Map

Component Management

Easy Excel Data Upload

Easy Drag and Drop Prioritiser

Print and Export -to PDF or Excel

Stunning Gantt Charts

Standard Reports - With Filters