Tarsa Insight

Sustainability Dashboard to Track Utility Consumption.

Tarsa Insight application is a tool for business heads and  utility managers  to understand utility consumption trends  and provide a data driven approach to improve facility operations.

Step 2

Setup Projects

Step 1

Onboard Client


Track energy, Water and Waste Generation Data.

A sustainability dashboard that helps management visualise the environmental impact of their businesses and facilitate decision making.

Step 1

Onboard Client

Step 2

Setup Projects

Step 3

Assign Supervisors

Step 4

Input Data

Step 5

Generate Reports

Step 6

Analyse Data

Capture Vital Utility Data

Track energy, Water, and Waste Generation Data benchmarking against standards.

Industry Standard Graphs

Meaningful visualization – designed to help Management connect with the data.

Auto Reporting

Automatic monthly / annual reports across buildings/campuses.


Custom View of Utility Streams and More

The application can be customized in a variety of data streams that may not be possible to visualize in a Building Management System.

Multi Projects support

Unlimited Utility Configurations

Location / Building Configuration

EPI Graph

WPI Graph

WGI Graph

Data Comparison

Meaningful Graphical visualization

Standard Reports - With Filters